Rules for fishing in Drostrup Put & Take:

▪ The fishing license is valid for 1 person, catch quota cannot be transferred
to others. 

▪ Extra rods brought with you must always be placed behind you.

▪ Fish may NOT be re-released. 

▪ Use of keep nets is not permitted. 

▪ Pre-feeding prohibited.

▪ Fishing with live bait is prohibited, except for earthworms. 

▪ Fishing with maggots and mealworms is prohibited. 

▪ Fishing may only be done with 1 hook, double or triple hook. 

▪ Snagging is prohibited. 

▪ Fishing in the stream is prohibited. 

▪ Fish must not be cleaned in/near the lake. The cleaning table must be used.
Fish waste must be placed in the waste bag next to the table. 

▪ It is forbidden to throw fishing hooks, paper, bottles/cans, cigarette butts etc. 

▪ Dogs may not be taken unless they stay in the car. 

▪ Violation of the rules, as well as poaching, will result in expulsion and a fee                   of DKK 500, and all fish caught illegally will be settled at DKK 125/kg. 

▪ In serious cases, it will be reported to the police!