Welcome to Drostrup Put & Take

Drostrup put and take is located behind Drostrupgård about 5 km north of the town of Vejen.

The pond, size 6.000 m2, was dredged in January 2014 and the surrounding area shinned up. The pond is surrounded by trees that give shelter from the wind and there is an acces path around the pond.

There are 2 parking areas, beside the pond and beside the stream by the gravel road.
A toilet is located near the pond. A small cabin with an awning, table and benches has room for about 18 pers. and gives shelter from wind and rain.

Tables, benches and rubbish bins are placed around the pond.

From August 2016 there is a fishingplace for 2 handicapped persons and 2 assistants.

There are excellent opportunities for fishing with spinner, fly and bait in the pond.

The lake is fed by groundwater and spring water from the N and E, the water quality is really fine.

The lake is regularly stocked with rainbow trout up to  2kilos.
In the summer up to 2 times per week (depending on the fishing pressure)

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